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15 mars, 2011

The castle in the sky

Classé sous Imagination — yrepnomis @ 18:30

           A man was certain there was a castle in the sky. He was so sure that he was constantly talking about it with his people. With the help of a telescope, he was daily examining sky to see this mysterious castle. But, as he was seeing nothing, he was sad. Others thougt he was mad. He was laughed by them. However, he did not change his mind. Durings dinners, he was saying loud and clear that a castle was in the sky. According to him, people of this castle was stronger, more beautiful, more clever and kinder than Earth’s people. Ignoring what to do, he decided to look for and to find the castle, to go in and back in order to know the truth. He needed to build a ladder big enough to reach sky.

         He hardly worked during one year and the ladder was finally built. It was so big that people were impressed. No one laughed at him anymore. Now, he had only one thing to do, go up with the ladder. He went up, so high that he passed clouds. He felt to see something grey and said : « this is the castle ! » But, as he tryed to reach it with his arm, the ladder moved and the man fell on one thousand miles. He was dead now. People said : « He was a mad man who believed a castle was in the sky ».

        At the same time, in the sky, a man was believing there was people under clouds. He was said to be mad.

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